Axiell Sapphire

Axiell Sapphire is a browser-based add-on to the EMu Collections Management System. It is designed to provide access to your EMu database for the creation of new records and editing of existing records through custom-built forms. A Form is designed and constructed by authorised users around a workflow, capturing data, editing records, creating attachments, etc., with each Form providing access to a subset of fields.

Features of Sapphire

  • Interfaces for desktops and tablets, providing a flexible working environment.
  • Automatic and continual live update of EMu, coupled with live validation with EMu data during capture.

    Sapphire offers a seamless and transparent integration with EMu, and records are added to your EMu database immediately. Manipulation and enhancement of data is performed directly within EMu, ensuring that data capture / cleansing projects feed directly into the core data repository continually, and that all work performed is immediately available from that repository.

  • For authorised users, graphs are available for a range of real-time statistical overviews. Graphs can be designed to display any sort of statistic; a large scale digitisation project might include graphs that track the progress of the project, for instance.

See the Axiell Sapphire Online Help for full details.

Axiell Sapphire Registry entries are described here.