Hierarchy tab

The Hierarchy tab presents the taxonomic hierarchy of a name. When it is selected, a Hierarchy tab is added to the Ribbon:


Building a hierarchical view of a name requires that the Parent: (Classification) attachment field on the Classification tab is used when adding a name to the Taxonomy module (see Method 1: Attaching to a parent record for details).

When the Hierarchy tab is selected, the taxonomic hierarchy of a name is presented to one level below the current record. As we see in the example above, the current record is highlighted in blue text and the hierarchy is expanded to one level lower. The lowest level of the hierarchy is black, with a lighter grey used for all higher levels.

The hierarchy can be manipulated using the options on the Hierarchy tab of the Ribbon, as well as with the buttons on the right of the Hierarchy tab:


Button Description



To expand the full hierarchy, either:

  1. Select Expand on the Hierarchy tab of Ribbon


    Select Expand beside the Hierarchy.

The full hierarchy will display:

Expanded hierarchy

Select either option again to collapse the hierarchy.

View Records

View Attachment

View the Taxonomy record for any name in the hierarchy:

  1. Select a name in the Hierarchy list.
  2. Select View Records on the Hierarchy tab of the Ribbon


    Click the View View Attachment button beside the Hierarchy.

Another instance of the Taxonomy module will open and display the selected record.

Add Records To Matching Set

Add to set

It is possible to select one or more names in the hierarchy and either replace the current recordClosed The record currently displayed in Details View or highlighted in List View (there is a faint dotted line around it). It is only possible to have one current record at a time. with them or add their record to the returned record set.

Note: When we select one (or more) names in the hierarchy, the Add Records option on the Hierarchy tab of the Ribbon and the Add Add to set button beside the Hierarchy are enabled.

For example, we have searched for the record for Monodontinae (there is one record in the current record set as we see in the Status bar) and are viewing the hierarchy:


Using the Ribbon:

Tip: The results of these actions are shown in the following screenshots.

Using the Add Add to set button:

  1. Click Add to set to display the following message:

    • If we click No, the selected record(s) are added to the record set:




Select to refresh the hierarchy if changes do not immediately take effect.