How to use the Condition Update tool

The Condition Update tool can be used to update the condition information of the current record or to batch update multiple objects. It is available on the Catalogue tab of the Ribbon in the Catalogue module.

While it is possible to update the condition of the current recordClosed The record currently displayed in Details View or highlighted in List View (there is a faint dotted line around it). It is only possible to have one current record at a time. by selecting Recondition>Current Record on the Catalogue tab of the Ribbon, it is just as easy to update an object's condition status by updating the details on the object's Condition tab.

In this demonstration we update the condition of multiple objects at once:

  1. Search the Catalogue module for one or more objects to be updated.
  2. Select the objects to be updated.
  3. Select Recondition>Selected Records to display the Condition Update box.
  4. Select a status from the Condition Status drop list.
  5. The Date Checked field is automatically populated with the current date. You can overwrite this if necessary:

    Type the date or use the Calendar Control Calendar Control to select a date.

  6. Click Attach Attach beside the Checked By field to open the Parties module.

    Tip: You can enter a name in the Checked By field before clicking Attach: if an exact match is found, the attachment is made without opening the Parties module (you can skip Step 7).

  7. Search for the relevant Parties record and click Attach on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

    Summary Data from the Parties record populates the Checked By field.

  8. Add details in the Condition Details field.
  9. Add details in the Handling Instructions field.
  10. Click Update.

    The Condition update is processed and the Updating box displays an indication of the number of records processed.

  11. Click OK when the update has finished.