How to refresh the record display

EMu stores all record data on its central server. When a search is run a snap shot of the matching records is copied onto your PC. You can then display, group and sort records as required. Unless you edit a record, the data display of these records is always the same as it was when the search was first run.

During the time that you are working with a group of records, it is possible that another user will make changes to one or more of the records. This means that the data displayed on your PC will not necessarily reflect the most up-to-date version of the record. In order to update the record on your PC with the latest version, the record needs to be refreshed.

Tip: If you set the Refresh changed records option, all open records in all modules are refreshed each time a record is saved.

It is important to refresh records:

To refresh records:

  1. Select the records to be refreshed.
  2. Select Refresh (CTRL+R) on the View tab of the Ribbon.

    The record reloads and displays the updated data.

    Note: If you try to display a record from a group you are working with and in the meantime it has been edited by another user, a prompt will display asking you if you want to refresh the record. To refresh the record, click OK.