Managing groups from a module Ribbon

Groups can be created and managed in almost any module using options available on the Tools tab of the Ribbon.

After a search has been run you may want to save the group of records returned so that you can access them again; or you may want to save the search criteria used to generate this group of records (especially if the search is quite involved).

Static Groups

One or more records can be saved as a new Static group. A Static group holds the IRNsClosed A unique identifier automatically assigned when a record is created. of the grouped records and whenever the group is retrieved, the same records will be displayed. The number of records in a static group always remains the same until you manually add, replace or delete records from the group.

Note: Static groups have a limit of 130,000 records, but note that at this maximum size, retrieval can take some time. The larger the Static group, the longer it will take to retrieve.

Dynamic Groups

A Dynamic group comprises the criteria of a search. This includes the actual search terms and any Boolean operators, wildcards or other advanced search operations used to run the search. Retrieving a Dynamic group, re-runs the search.