Preserve Index Registry entry

Ensure indexing on one or more columns is always enabled.


When an index rebuild commences a check is made for columns with indexing enabled but not used by the institution. The indexing on such columns is turned off to save disk space. In rare instances the indexing for a particular column may need to be preserved (for example the column is not used by the EMu client but by a web application). The Preserve Index Registry entry caters for this case.


This Registry entry is assigned at the system level only:

Key System
Key 1 System
Key 2 Setting
Key 3 Table
Key 4 table
Key 5 Preserve Index
Value column;column;...



is the name of the EMu module in which the index is to be preserved.


is a semicolon separated list of column names for which the indexing is to be preserved.

Note: If all indexing is to be persisted for all tables, the EMUUPDATEINDEXES environment variable may be set to the value no. The environment variable can be set in the .profile-local file.