Barcode Column Registry entry

Specify which EMu field is associated with a Sapphire barcode field (overriding the EMu field hard-coded in a Sapphire script).


Sapphire is supplied with forms and various scripts for processing those forms. Some forms include a barcode field, and the scripts associate a field in EMu with the Sapphire barcode field: when a value is entered in the barcode field in a Sapphire form, the hard-coded EMu field is searched for the value.

If the EMu field hard-coded in a script does not suit your needs (you would prefer to search a different field for the barcode value), this Registry entry allows you to specify a different EMu field.


This Registry entry can be assigned to users and groups:

Key User Group Group
Key 1 User Group Group
Key 2 user group Default
Key 3 Table Table Table
Key 4 table
Key 5 Barcode Column
Key 6 script
Value column


table is the module in which the EMu field column is found.
script is the name of the Sapphire script used to process the form, in which an EMu field has been hard-coded.


is the name of the preferred EMu column.

Note: Typically a Group|Default setting is used.


The sightbarcode script is used to process values entered in the Sapphire locationvalue field; in this example, the locationvalue field is associated with the EMu LocBarcode field in the Locations module:



Key 1 Group
Key 2 Default
Key 3 Table
Key 4 elocations
Key 5 Barcode Column
Key 6 sightobject
Value LocBarcode