Display views

EMu provides four different views for displaying your record data:

  • Details View
  • List View
  • Page View
  • Contact Sheet View

We select one of the four display views on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

We manage display views on the View tab of the Ribbon.


Home tab

Details View

Displays full record details.

View Details button

When in Details View, select Thumbnail on the View tab of the Ribbon to expand the Summary Data field to include a thumbnail of any associated multimedia, and to display Extended dataClosed Extended data is a combination of fields selected to display a meaningful summary of a record. It is more detailed than Summary Data and displays in its place. In Details View, select Thumbnail on the View tab of the Ribbon to display Extended Data. Re-select Thumbnail to remove the tick and revert to Summary Data. Which field or combination of fields is used to make up a module's Extended Data can be specified by each institution (and implemented by Axiell developers). if it has been specified.


List View

Displays a list of records returned by a search, retrieved from a group or newly added. This is the default view when you first run a search.

Records are displayed in a table of one or more columns; each record is a row in the table; each column is a field in the record. It is possible to create your own List Views, specifying which fields to display; and to select which List View to use.

View List

Page View

Page View is EMu's fully customizable record display view. The layout and look of a Page View, including which fields display, are specified by creating and modifying a style sheet. There is one Page View by default and others can be specified.

View Page button

Contact Sheet View

Displays the thumbnail image of a graphic associated with a record.

View Contact Sheet button

Changing how the results of your search are displayed is a simple matter of selecting one of the display view buttons on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

Tip: By default the results of a search are displayed in List View the first time you run a search in a session. Subsequently, the results of a search will display in the last view selected. In other words, if you change the view from List View to Details View and run another search, the results will be displayed in Details View.