Screen modes

A Screen mode is simply the module's current mode of operation. It changes automatically as you perform one of these operations:

  • Search for records
  • View their details
  • Add a new record
  • Edit an existing record

The Screen mode is always indicated in a module's Title bar and Status bar.

The four Screen modes are:

Screen mode



When you first open a module, it is in Search mode. In Search mode you run a search to return any records you are authorized to view:

As soon as a search has been run, the module automatically enters Display mode.

You can return to Search mode at any time by selecting any option in the Search group of commands on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

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A module enters Display mode whenever one or more records have been returned by a search, retrieved from a group or added to the module. In this mode you view record details. Records can be viewed:

Whenever one or more records displays in the module (i.e. you are no longer in Search mode), the number of records currently displaying is indicated in the Status bar.

If you begin to make changes to a record, the module automatically enters Edit mode.


A module enters Edit mode as soon as you begin making changes to a record in Display mode.


A module enters New mode whenever you add a new record to the module.

Tip: One way to highlight which mode you are in is to use a different colour for text in each mode. For example, the text could be red in Search mode, black in Display mode, and blue in Edit and New modes. See Colours options for details.